Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baby and Belly

Today my dear cousins came to take some photos. Ms H is almost 6 months old! Such a good baby, great snuggler and cute as pie! She really put up with a lot and really hung in there.

The O Family is anxiously awaiting the arrival of their son... I can't wait to do a newborn shoot again! Mr S is soooo excited to be a big brother! His parents are willing to let the baby cook as long as he needs to, but I think Mr S would like him to come sooner than later. Ms A put up with a lot today too... you forget how tiring pregnancy can be!

Thanks to A & H and the O Family. It's so fun to practice on you all! (**Also a big thank you to Gpa D & Gma S for allowing us to trample in their yard for some beautiful scenery!!)

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Anonymous said...

She is sooo beautiful. Belly is OK :) They look goodso far, Yak