Friday, September 5, 2008

A Tribute

My project, in between projects, or when I need a break from other projects, is to post some of my favorite photos that I've taken. Here is my first...

Many of you know that back in May 2008, UW Medflight crashed. I had never been so scared in all my life! My sister worked that night the aircraft went missing. It was her best friend that called me looking for her the next morning. We couldn't get a hold of her... of all nights she didn't take her cell phone to bed!!!

I had a happy ending. Unfortunately, 3 other families did not. Those families are in my thoughts and prayers on many days of my life. I can't help but to think of them. I can't seem to take the article "An Irreplaceable Loss" out of my letter holder next to my computer. I think that it is a reminder to me about how fragile and precious life is. It can be gone in a flash.

It makes me try to be a better person. Give my kids the attention they need when they are begging for it. I'm not perfect at it, but I am learning to enjoy it more. Even though I try to let it have a positive impact on my life, I am so sorry for their loss.

This is one of my favorite photos of all time. I took this at the funerals of Dr Darren Bean and Pilot Steve Lipperer. Also, in honor of Flight Nurse Mark Coyne. God speed.


Jim, "Homer" said...

What a terrible thing to happen and such a beautiful shot came from this. It's the picfect picture to symbolize what happened and those that gave their life.

Perfect shot.

Hannah's Tutus said...

That picture is just beautiful