Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Little Cupie Doll

I've been saying how Ms S looks like a cupie doll ever since she was born.  Her momma finally googled it and agrees :)  I had the chance to photograph this sweet little doll.  Man is she quick! Someone in one of my photography groups talked about starting athletic training for wedding season... I think this can also extend to one year olds!  I also never knew that my basement had so many interesting things.  Thank you to the D's for this opportunity to work on my lighting!  

Her daddy made her laugh sooo hard in this one!
Every girl needs a little chocolate... this b&w tone is called "dark chocolate", mmmmm!
The zebra... it was love at first sight!
A moment of pure sweetness :)


Sarah Holland said...

Oh she is just gorgeous. I love your conversions!

Jackie said...

Thank you Sarah! I have been struggling, but just learned some new techniques.

Jeannie Reeves Photography said...

She is freaking adorable!!! I will have to google that too.. LOL

Jim, "Homer" said...

My cup runnith over, love the tea cup shot.